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Identification of legal risks

Deal making and legal activities give rise to legal risks. Deal making and legal activities give rise to legal risks.
A legal risk is defined as probability of consequences that may emerge as a result of the effect of legal provisions

Thus, a deal may be held invalid by virtue of a court ruling as a result of a claim submitted by concerned parties. Because of the faulty legislation system and uncertainty regarding settlement of specific issues, you may inflict harm upon third parties and you will have to deal with a claim and a request to compensate it.

Legal risks may be minimized by a detailed analysis of the contents of a transaction being made and the relevant legal framework. This helps determine how this transaction must be formalized and documented from the perspective of the effective laws and, as a result, avoid occurrence of consequences. Development of a corporate risk management system is an optimal variant of solution to the problem of legal risks.

We offer you legal risk identification services as well as development and improvement of the risk management system.

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